Parish Hall

The Parish Hall has been alongside the St. Maximilian Kolbe Church for over thirty years.

This building has been used for various functions.

For instance, in the 80’s, polish migrants, among others, lived in the Parish Hall. During the building of the new church, all Masses, Devotions, and Feasts were celebrated within its walls.

At present, the Hall is taking on a new look. The first stage of renovations has been completed – new parquetry has been laid; nine murals have been painted along its inside walls depicting scenes from different parts of the world representing homelands of our parishioners; a new sound system and lighting have been installed. The Hall is now ready for various functions (concerts, discos for the young, etc.).

However, our parishioners mainly use the Hall as a place for parish luncheons, recreation, and cultural get-togethers.

The Hall is also available for hire as a wedding reception venue, birthdays, etc. This has been made possible thanks to the newly renovated kitchen facilities.

In 1988, Mrs Joanna Kosiek established a Library, aided by Mrs. Kalina Pilarska, her able assistant for several years, and ran it until mid 2004 when she returned to Poland.

The Library was named the “Bogdan Jański” Library after the Founder of the Congregation of the Resurrection Fathers.

Mrs Pilarska ran the Library, containing several thousand books mainly in the polish language which were donated by Parishioners, every Sunday after Mass from 11.30am until 1.00pm. However, due to ill health, Mrs Pilarska was unable to continue with running the Library. There are plans to re-structure the Library and hopefully we will get a new librarian to re-open it.